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It used to be the case that we imagined that computers – robots – would take over the menial work in our lives, that they would put on aprons and run around and be our robot maids, doing the housework or whatever, leaving us free to enjoy our leisure. In fact, the reverse is happening. We have plenty of spare, unintelligent human capacity to do those simple, menial jobs, often for very long hours and poor pay. Instead, the humans that computers are replacing are members of the educated classes: translators, medical technicians, legal clerks, accountants, financial traders.
Robert Harris, The Fear Index

Google I/O 2011: Cloud Robotics 

The thought of a shared Artificial Intelligence is almost common sense when we know how much information the bot can obtain by connecting to the internet. The machines will always be on top of everything and not only share and utilize data and knowledge with all wired entities, but also tap into the minds of all the users of the internet. That will kickstart the robot revolution.