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Conway’s Game of Life, using floating point values instead of integers.

SmoothLife is a family of rules created by Stephan Rafler. It was designed as a continuous version of Conway’s Game of Life - using floating point values instead of integers.

Stephen Wolfram: Technology and Human Nature 

…it’s a fallacy to believe that our current technology is the only possible computational technology. The fact is, we can make computers from a lot of materials, not just transistors. The reason that’s exciting is because it opens up the possibility of making a computer out of molecules. It hasn’t been done yet, and there’s a lot of ambient technology that is required to make a molecular computer possible. But it reminds us that we must not shrink transistors – we can use much simpler components.

Without doubt, all mathematical development has its psychological roots in more or less practical requirements. But once started under the pressure of necessary applications, it inevitably gains momentum in itself and transcends the confines of immediate utility.

Doodling in Math: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant

This is just a wonderful series explaining how math and in particular the Fibonacci sequence appears everywhere and explains complicated things in an easy way. Hope this girl is a teacher or is becoming one, because this is how math should be thought.

Vladimir Lukyanov's marvelous water computer 

Vladimir Lukyanov’s water computer, 1936. Image courtesy of the Polytechnic Museum, Moscow.

Built in 1936, this machine was “the world’s first computer for solving [partial] differential equations,” which “for half a century has been the only means of calculations of a wide range of problems in mathematical physics.” Absolutely its most amazing aspect is that solving such complex mathematical equations meant playing around with a series of interconnected, water-filled glass tubes. You “calculated” with plumbing.

Interesting read about water based computers on Pruned, GARDENS AS CRYPTO-WATER-COMPUTERS